Artificial Intelligence to Support Human Intelligence and Industrial Growth

According to Forbes magazine, world’s top 3 brands in 2015 were Apple, Microsoft, and Google. One thing that is common in all the three brands is Artificial Intelligence (AI), it means the success of modern businesses is somehow connected with the AI to a significant extent. The most innovative branch of Computer Science develops machines, gadgets, and robots to facilitate the man in a variety of commercial and social activities. Be it the assembly line of a car manufacturing unit, the assistance of a robot during surgery in an operation theatre or security of the IoT system with the help of multi-factor authentication technology, the role of AI is quintessential and unstoppable in the digital era.


Today, more than 30 companies in different parts of the world are working enthusiastically to launch autonomous or driverless cars, prominent among them are Google, Apple, Tesla, and BMW. Though it seems sceptical, but many have successfully tested their products and soon we all will be able to experience the magic of technology. Only the automobile sector is not influenced by the power of AI, it is ready to make a big impact on the entire ecosystem.


Growth of Artificial Intelligence in India

Indian government and corporate houses are also making huge efforts in this realm under the prime minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India Campaign. A few months back IT giant Infosys provided a Rs. 24 crore grant to Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-D) for setting Artificial Intelligence centre in its campus. This is one of the largest endowments that industry has provided to academia for research in India. On the other hand, some of the top Government institutions such as the DRDO, RBI, and NHB are using the security solutions of an indigenous research firm; Innefu Labs.  


Man vs Machine

Now the question arises, will machines replace the man in the future? As a majority is smitten with this fear, the question seems quite valid at this juncture. But, to a great extent it is just a self-created phobia and nothing more for people who are receptive and agile to adopt a technology or even a disruption. Because machines can sense an object to a limited extent while the man can contemplate it infinitely and can choose a variety of feasible options depending upon the need and situation, that's why artificial intelligence can never replace the human intelligence. Contrary to this, sometimes people have to perform various tasks which are either hazardous or impossible for the human beings, but machines can do such a work with much of ease and control. What’s important here, is taking maximum support from the machines, while performing a task and of course collaboration means mutual growth. In fact, machines can never replace humans, these are the people who start a revolution, technology just accelerates its pace.


The Author is  Founder and CEO of YOMA Multinational Solutions LLP

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