5 Ways to Secure Your Android Device

Quick Heal’s threat report for Windows and Android identifies five ways to secure Android device against malware, and the BYOD trend

With such rapid installation and activation of Android devices across the world, knowing how to secure these devices has become imperative. There are many tips that users can easily put into practice that will ensure the security of their smartphones. Such tips can be adopted by enterprise users who adhere to BYOD policies and to home users as well. The five ways include:

Stay aware about mobile risks
The best way to ensure safety is to be aware of the various tricks that Android malware uses to infiltrate devices. Apps and programs are the single biggest source of malware, so users should always study the  permissions that an app is asking for upon installation. Moreover, it is highly advisable to refrain from downloading apps from unofficial third-party sources. Always install apps from Google Play only.

Be wary of unsecured Wi-Fi networks
Free Wi-Fi available in public places is a great way to access the web on the move, but there are several ways in which such networks can prove vulnerable. Snoopers can easily intercept and steal data over unsecured Wi-Fi networks, so these should be avoided, especially while dealing with sensitive information.

Be cautious while carrying out online purchases
With e-commerce portals making their presence felt over Android and coming out with snazzy apps and  d coming out with snazzy apps and user interfaces, more and more people are purchasing products through these apps. Online shopping is fun, but not at the cost of security. Without the right safety measures and precautions, financial details can be easily lost or stolen.

Comply with foolproof BYOD security policies
Organizations that encourage BYOD policies often face the repercussions that come with employee negligence and uncontrolled app downloads. In a situation like this, setting up clear, simple and transparent security policies becomes absolutely necessary. When all devices are connected to the enterprise network, it is a major risk when one employee downloads a malicious copy of Flappy Birds. Proper security policies need to be defined and adhered to in order to avoid widespread mayhem.

Embrace an eff­ective and feasible security suite
Where there are risks, there are also solutions. Security suites for Android devices have now become more than just a luxury, they are a necessity. Without proper security in place, the world of Android devices will become a lawless and dangerous place, so everyone who owns an Android should acquire a security solution to go with it. Just as PCs without an antivirus will always be susceptible to all kinds of threats, an Android without a security suite will always remain vulnerable. 

For more details, download the report below.

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