Strong Training and Development for IT Managers Needed

In an interaction with Yashvendra Singh, Deepika Pillai, Human Resource Director, Xavient Information Systems, India, throws light on the company’s focus while recruiting IT Managers.

What is your defined job description for hiring senior IT decision makers?
While recruiting IT decision makers, we look for good exposure that the potential candidate has acquired by working on multiple skill sets and projects. He should also have an excellent grip on documentation and analysis. 

"IT Managers should participate in seminars on the topics like stress management, supervisory skills"

The other areas that we focus on include expertise in handling a large team with good leadership bent, the capability to make a stronghold on client, thereby ensuring good client relationships, and excellent communication and reporting skills.


Where do you think are the gaps and what is your recommendation to the IT Managers in bridging these gaps?
It is true that there are gaps when it comes to IT Managers’ skill sets. A strong training system for manager level has still not been introduced in many organisations except a few top IT guns. The small and mid-sized organisations are still struggling to implement. Also, the roles and responsibilities at the IT Manager level are sometimes too vague to execute which leads to dissatisfaction amongst managers.

To overcome such gaps, there is a need to organise training at regular term for IT Managers to keep them updated on upcoming technical skills and market trends. This would also indirectly keep up their motivational levels high.

The IT Managers should be convinced to participate in seminars on the topics like stress management, supervisory skills etc. Their role must be clearly defined giving a room for real execution and their work expectations must be specified accordingly.

What future do you see for senior IT management in terms of finding the right job opportunities and role expansion, given the current economic environment?
In order to plan effectively in this economic environment, IT decision makers will have to build a strong team of people. Efficient contextual planning will lead to various opportunities and strong career prospects for them in the future. 

Do you think the senior ITDMs can aspire for higher growth opportunities which can make them shine?
Certainly. Viewing the current market scenario, this level has higher growth opportunities. 

Xavient Information Systems, headquartered in Simi Valley, California, is a provider of global IT services providing outsourcing and technology solutions to the telecommunication industry.


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