IT Management

When we asked NEXT100 winners to contribute their thought leadership pieces for IT Next, we had planned a single issue for that—dividing it between leadership and technology. But the sheer number of...
Jan 17, 2018
IT spending in the Indian government sector is projected to reach USD 8.5 billion in 2018, an increase of 8.9% from 2017 estimated spending of USD 7.8 billion, according to the latest forecast by...
Nov 15, 2017
What will be the top priorities for Indian businesses in 2017 when it comes to IT strategy and investment? What new technologies will make their mark? And where will the actual spend go to? How will...
Jan 27, 2017
What is spurring interest in DevOps in India? Do you see any difference between rest of the world and India? Abhilash: There are multiple areas in which DevOps in India has kicked off in the last 18...
Dec 08, 2016
This is the age of the user. The user is only concerned with whether or not the application at their end is flexible and responsive to demands, regardless of location, network medium, or storage. For...
Oct 29, 2015