IT leaders

As we celebrate the 9th set of awardees of NEXT100 awards, I will like to join in congratulating the winners. At the same time, how much do I hate doing it (creating almost an anti-climax in an issue...
Jan 02, 2019
Sify's Digital Transformation Workshop was a gala gathering of CIOs, AVP - ITs, Head - ITs, etc. Each of them put in their views on digital transformation taking place globally and in India, the...
Mar 22, 2017
By 2025, every industry will be transformed by digital business, as per Gartner, then what is going to be give one organisation edge over the other is not when one adopted digital but how well they...
Oct 06, 2016
A majority of enterprise workloads will run in the cloud in the near term. As per the latest IT executives’ survey by 451 research group, enterprise workload on cloud will rise to 60% by 2018....
Sep 05, 2016