Poll Results: Are You Mobile Ready? And More...

950 out of the 1000 voters said No when asked 'are you paid what you're worth?' Here are the results of the five polls that we ran on our website recently.

Is Your Organization Mobile Ready
Almost 50 per cent of our readers voted yes when we asked them if their organisations are mobile ready. Eighteen per cent don’t really know if their organisations are mobile already. While 37 per cent said they are mobile.

Are You Paid What You're Worth?
We have received almost 1000 ‘No’ votes when we asked them if their compensation is worth it, and a meager 15 votes who said they are getting what they’re worth.

Should you be hiring a big data expert in your company?
Almost every organization plans to exploit big data but does not know how to best get the insights from the pool of data sets. Sixty per cent of people are planning to hire an expert for this and six per cent are not sure. 

Do you think Big Data brings big worries for data defenders?
Fifty four per cent of people think big data is a big worry for them, 20 per cent don’t think of it as worrisome and 17 per cent are not sure of its security implications. 

Do you think Satya Nadella will have tougher road than Ballmer?
Satya Nadella has done a lot already taking forward his mobile first cloud first journey. Eighty four per cent people think Nadella will have a tougher road than Ballmer.

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