Precision Infomatic Deploys a Novel Solution to Balance Loads on ISP Links

Head of Technology, Sathyanarayanan, explains how a load balancing solution from Array Networks helps ensure high availability of connectivity for the data center

Why has Precision used Array Networks’ load balancing technique to ensure uninterrupted services?
Precision Infomatic is an organization that provides end-to-end IT related services. At the moment, their workforce exceeds 1800 employees. Precision Infomatic has a datacenter in Chennai that receives multiple links. A few essential characteristics of a datacenter are, to ensure high availability, balance link loads and enable uninterrupted services. In order to fulfill these requirements, they looked to Array for a load balancing solution.

Can you elaborate on Precision’s business scenario and the requirements that made you opt for Array Networks’ solution?
The key requirement is to enable IT services with high availability and to ensure effective link load balancing with multiple ISPs. We also required some sort of QoS to be implemented in order to enable network traffic for each service that needed to be performed. We looked for a solution that matched these primary criteria.

What were the options that you looked at before deciding on Array’s solution?
We mainly looked at load balancing solutions. We selected what Array had to offer because of the support we have received from Prem and the Array team in the past. They took the time to understand exactly what our problems were and then provided solutions that solved all the facets of these problems. We deal with various vendors to figure out the ideal PoC setup and Array gave us the complete PoC. The solution that they provided us with was implemented to our satisfaction.

What were the technological challenges that you faced while deploying the solution?
The primary challenge was the load balancing of ISPs as we have multiple ISPs coming in at our end. The most important thing here is to have an effective load balancing set-up which is where we were facing some problems. The second challenge is facing the high incoming traffic. Our firewalls support the outgoing traffic but we were having issues with the incoming traffic. These two things are the visual challenges that need to be overcome to enable or provide our end-user with uninterrupted services. We looked for a solution with these two important factors in mind.

Can you tell us something on the deployment model – which stage are you currently at?
We are using the APV1600 series configured with high availability at our datacenter. We have two boxes at our end. We have configured a failover so that automatic failover occurs instead of a box failure. Most of our ISPs are Array and even in case of a link-to-ISP-link failure, the end-user does not have a dropout or connection termination issue.

In terms of technologies, what does it all involve?
The primary thing is link load balancing and the second most important thing is the high availability QoS implementation. Another thing is the high availability of incoming traffic. These are the three areas where we actually required help and these are the areas where Array provided us with solutions.

What are some of the business benefits, in terms of numbers?
We are now able to provide uninterrupted services for our end-users and the ISP links are being managed effectively. The implementation part is going as expected and without any problems. We are not overloaded with things like traffic stacks across the ISP. One thing that we can see right away is that thanks to uninterrupted services we are able to gain in productivity, which is directly related to us and another thing is that we do not need to upgrade the existing links to shoot our mails as we are able to distribute the traffic between all the links. So, we do not need additional investments.

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