Taking BYOD for a Secure Walk

Novell joins hands with MobileIron for secure mobile file access

Novell has announced that it has partnered with MobileIron, a player in security and management for mobile apps, content, and devices, to enable more secure mobile file access and sharing through Novell Filr and MobileIron AppConnect. Novell Filr is a mobile file-sharing solution that gives IT complete control of all shared files and provides users with anywhere, any-device access.

Novell and MobileIron have claimed to simplify the task of offering and securing mobile file access. Novell Filr provides authorized mobile device access to the files that reside on corporate servers, while MobileIron AppConnect keeps managed and personal data separate creating another level of security for IT. With MobileIron AppConnect containerization, files accessed through Novell Filr are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

"Due to the enormous growth of mobile devices within the enterprise, IT faces a real challenge with protecting corporate data, said Bob Flynn, president and general manager of Novell. The strategic partnership with MobileIron allows only authorized employees the ability to access and share corporate files on-the-go through Novell Filr and our on-premise deployment.

By combining the capabilities of Novell Filr with MobileIron AppConnect, IT can disable cut and copy controls for files, disable the opening of documents in certain applications, and whitelist select apps for opening documents. This partnership makes it easier for IT to remain compliant with corporate data loss prevention by securing access and controls by user, and controlling data leakage by restricting replication of the data and usage of restricted apps.

As mobile becomes the central computing platform for the enterprise, employees need secure mobile access to all their critical files said Ojas Rege, VP Strategy, MobileIron. Novell is a trusted name in collaboration and networking and we are excited to combine the app security strength of MobileIron AppConnect with the file-sharing power of Novell Filr.

Novell Filr allows IT to leverage existing infrastructure and security policies, eliminating the need for new hardware investments to enable secure mobile file sharing. With the MobileIron AppConnect integration, only devices that have been approved by IT will be able to launch the Filr application and access files that are stored and shared.

Novell Filr is currently available through iTunes and Google Play.

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