How to Migrate to the Cloud?

Understand the missing links before full-fledged adoption of cloud services

The Situation...

Boss, I agree what you say about the dimension of control, but how can we be absolutely certain about security, said Ravi amidst the last gulp of his drink at the lunch table. His boss, Ramesh Thakur and also the CIO was constantly monitoring the project to take GemPros applications to the cloud. And Ravi was driving this initiative.

GemPro was a global leader in logistics solutions and Ravi Khurana was responsible for IT at GemPros India office. GemPro offered a variety of logistics solutions to a wide spectrum of clients across the Indian subcontinent from its India operations.

Ravis thoughts were like a tag cloud of the cloud for the last three weeks, ever since he had been put on the assignment. Ravis mandate was simply worded - take our applications to the cloud.

Ravi knew that migration of applications to the cloud brought its set of advantages and especially for a company like GemPro. What Ravi immediately understood was that with movement to the cloud there would be just one code base across all customers to be maintained freeing up significant time and his team of developers could then focus on building new features and functions. But deep down Ravi knew that there was more than meets the eye.

Can we entrust somebody else with our application?

How is the confidentiality of my customers data assured when so many components in the cloud are open source or vulnerable?

How can I be sure that their business and technology problems dont impact me?

How can I ensure smooth integration?

Should I take a staggered approach or should I take a hybrid approach?

Ravi had more questions than he could find answers to. But he also knew that there was a great amount of energy behind the momentum to get to the cloud. All major vendors were getting on.

With the inevitable shift to cloud looming over his head, Ravi decided to jot down his thoughts and then hunt for specific answers.

The Big Questions:

Question 1: What is the apt approach to take while migrating to the cloud so as to ensure that the migration problems are minimal, control is not lost and security is not compromised?

Question 2: How can Ravi ensure that the shift to cloud delivers all the goods that it promises, namely, cost savings, operational ease, productivity gains, etc.?

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