How to transform data center?

A step wise guide on how to transform a enterprise data centre

Optimising data center for better business outcomes, key domains, people, process, and technology can rapidly become a complex exercise. Hence, a critical success factor in transforming the data center is to have an integrated and structured approach.

The process can be catogorised into five logical and manageable phases, each of which add value and can be taken up as independent projects.

Strategy: This phase encompasses planning for current and future data centers and mapping out how the data center will grow with your business.

Design: This stage refers to building the best possible facilities and IT infrastructure for your technology and business needs.

Transition: This stage involves shutting down redundant data centers and deploying new, more efficient ones.

Operation: This stage involves the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of one or more solutions.

Continuous improvement: This phase is characterised by consistently improving service levels and responding to new business requirements.


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