Need to set new rules for the Technology Game

Gartners Mark McDonald believes that the future of technology requires a game that is open

The current IT game is a stalemate and it is time to design a new, technology game, says Mark McDonald, Group VP & Head of Research in Gartner Executive Programs. According to McDonald the stalemate in the current IT game is characterized by flat budgets, fights over shadow IT, concerns over control and in order to ensure that IT doesnt lose its relevance, enterprises, CIOs and IT managers need to set some new rules which make the technology game a bit more open.

In a recent blog post, McDonald wrote that a game is further defined by its rules which places boundaries on how players achieve the goal. Boundaries are defined in two ways: positive and negative. Positive rules describe what people can do to play and advance in the game. Negative rules describe what you cannot do. For example, you need to role the dice and move around the board in some games. In others you are prohibited from sharing information with other players or pieces on a chessboard move in certain ways, etc.

Rules set expectations, commitments and give confidence to prospective players that they will be treated fairly and there is a level playing field to win. These conditions rarely exist universally in an enterprise but there are some standards that McDonald believes which most people can all agree on. These are:

Technology has a purpose. It exists in service of achieving the goals, not for its own sake or for the sake of the players.
Technology should do no harm. It would be great if everyone can win, even win a little bit, but if there are losers their losses should be recoverable and not permanent. You can get back into the game.
Technology should be readily available and accessible; all should have the chance to play the game.
The rules are transparent and available to all. Changes in the rules are visible to all. The score is also available to all.
Responsibilities and accountabilities are clear and connected, those who stand to benefit the most should be responsible for doing the work and accountable for its results and consequences.

These are just suggestions and there are a deeper set of specific rules around the ones proposed abovefor example security is part of do no harm. Every organization will need to define additional rules just like every game has a number of house or side rules shared among players. In the IT game these rules often took the form of restrictive governance structures imposing control. The future of technology requires a game that is open, McDonald concluded. Air Jordan VI 6 Shoes

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