Beware of rogue cloud projects

In the long run, rogue cloud deployments could cost you your money and business data

As if persisting doubts over security and robustness of cloud hadnt done enough to deter enterprises from adopting it in the mainstream, fresh reports of rouge cloud implementations are now threatening to slow the recent cloud momentum. A survey by security vendor Symantec has revealed that a sizeable number of enterprises and SMBs are experiencing escalating costs as a result of rogue cloud deployments.

Rogue clouds are defined as business groups implementing public cloud applications that are not managed by or integrated into the companys IT infrastructure. According to the Symantec survey, along with complex backup and recovery issues and inefficient cloud storage, rogue cloud deployments are resulting in unnecessary costs for cloud users. Symantec researchers found it to be surprisingly common problem, found in more than 77 per cent of businesses they surveyed within the last year.

Among organizations who reported rogue cloud issues, 40 per cent experienced the exposure of confidential information, and more than a quarter faced account takeover issues, defacement of Web properties, or stolen goods or services. The most commonly cited reasons for undertaking rogue cloud projects were to save time and money.

Symantec experts, however, recommended that organizations do a thorough evaluation of potential cloud providers, the technology being used and the terms of engagement before signing up with anyone. Rogue cloud projects may seem like a tempting proposition at first, but may end up costing more in the longer run, they said. womens nike shoes

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