Dalmia Cement benefits from Cloud-based collaboration

Aconex collaboration platform enables faster coordination, distribution, review, and sign-off of files across locations

Cement manufacturer Dalmia Cement has implemented a Cloud-based collaboration platform from Aconex to facilitate seamless information exchange across its geographically dispersed plant locations. The deployment is said to have allowed for faster coordination, distribution, review, and sign-off of important files across project sites and brought in improved levels of efficiencies for the firm.

Earlier, the company was facing a severe challenge with regards to the bandwidth of its enterprise messaging systems like Outlook which allowed only files of up to a certain size to be transferred from one location to another. This in turn was forcing site managers and employees to use FTP, which wasnt always reliable.

Seeking a more effective alternative, the company stumbled upon Aconexs cloud-based collaboration platform which seemed to fit its requirements.

Post deployment, between its three plants combined, the company's project teams have so far managed more than 110,000 items of correspondence, 30,000 documents and 3,500 workflow processes on Aconex. Approximately 95% of the project drawings are managed and processed on the secure, neutral platform to ensure transparency and accountability. Drawing reviews that had previously taken three days now occur in real time, claims the firm.

Commenting on the benefits which have accrued so far, Puneet Arora, executive director of projects at Dalmia Cement said, The system provides benefit across the projecttime, cost and risk management. The time savings are definitely the number one benefit. Our project team is dispersed across the country, and Aconex allows faster coordination, distribution, review, and sign-off of files. The whole process is more efficient, and everyone can see what's required of them."

Dalmia Cement, which produces approximately nine million tonnes of cement per year, is currently using the collaboration solution to manage projects at three production plants in the states of Assam, Karnataka and Orissa.

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