14 Secrets to Adorn a CIO Role

IT Managers need to take a 360 degree approach to absorb the coveted role

1. Leadership Skills--Move from being a manager to a leader, to make things happen despite limitations and beyond expectations. Be a leader: render committed support in leading, managing and delivering value from Business IT

2. Business Acumen--Strong business acumen means awareness and understanding of business functions; getting insights into the challenges / concerns / problems / needs and enabling IT; resolving business issues

3. Team Player--Be cross functional to make things happen

4. Business IT Integration--Aligning business needs and integrating through technology to deliver value

5. Project Enablement--Move from project management to project enablement with regard to projects / initiatives that include leading and effectively managing the team

6. Discipline of Execution--Speed, timeliness and quality of execution

7. Committed to the role--A sense of responsibility and accountability besides great ownership for the role defined and assigned. Also the ability to take on additional responsibility beyond the defined role, which includes responding proactively and being fully accountable for the role

8. Customer Centric Approach--Walking the extra mile to render service beyond the defined role. Connecting with end users and believing in a partnership approach to build effective relationships across the organisation

9. Effective Communication--this involves effective communication on Business IT Initiatives including periodic update / tips on IT to create and strengthen the awareness of business IT across the enterprise

10. Effective presentation--Articulation and presentation of Business IT initiatives; this includes training to end users in non-technical (IT) language, aligning to respective functional needs

11. Vendor Management--Effective vendor management to ensure vendors are partners and extended team players; this includes outsourced and managed services

12. Continual Learning -- Continual enhancements of skills such as Leadership, Effective Managerial Skills, Business Acumen, Project Enablement, Technology Skills, Business IT Integration, Soft Skills etc.

13. Technology Acumen--In-depth understanding / awareness of technology, emerging trends; this includes evaluation of technology (understanding of technology) and aligning to business needs

14. Balance and Agility--Besides a work life balance, the need to know how to balance between multi roles, as well as between technical and non-technical teams


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