Verizon secures customer data for iYogi

Verizon helps the global tech support services firm in continuously testing the system for vulnerabilities or threats

iYogi is a provider of online subscription-based technical support services to consumers and small businesses, especially in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Accessible through multiple channels, these services include diagnostics, repair, installation, maintenance and training for a wide range of computing and communication devices and software.

The company has developed its own proprietary software technology platform called iMantra, which it uses to deliver on-demand support services to hundreds of thousands of subscribers globally. Its more than 6000 technical experts who use iMantra to address customers' technical are spread across seven delivery centres in six different geographies.

The Challenge
We have built our delivery platform for tech support in line with the best global technology standards given that our business is built around the quality of service we offer our customers, says Vishal Dhar, iYogi's co-founder and president of marketing. The company strives to follow best practices in every area of its operations. To ensure the security of its customer data, iYogi wanted to achieve the highest levels of security compliance and performance. This was necessary for the company to build customer trust and prevent any disruptions to its operations.

The Solution
After evaluating a few vendors, iYogi zeroed in on its existing technology partner Verizon. Says Dhar, We already had a working relationship with Verizon and knew their capability and speed of execution. And like iYogi, Verizon follows international best practices. Verizon has over the years helped the company scale up its business by providing integrated IP networking and application management that expanded to unified communications, combining the IP voice and data requirements. We also partnered with Verizon for co-location services in the US, to ensure that we mitigate any service interruptions through their secure and fully redundant facilities, says Dhar.

To ensure proper controls for the security of customer information, iYogi opted for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Verizon helps us in continuously testing the system for vulnerabilities or threats to protect our customers from any data theft. As business rapidly grows, so do the risks and more so in a direct-to-consumer services business such as ours, which led us to consider this option, says Dhar. iYogi obtained the PCI DSS certification in 2010 and a recertification again in 2011. We believe that PCI certification in the future will be a must to win over customer trust, so we will always maintain the rigour of compliances, he says.

In addition, as part of its Information Security Management System (ISMS) effort, iYogi is now ISO 27001-certified as well. This is to ensure that it has secured its corporate information in addition to customer data.

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