Role of IT Head shifting from enabler to innovation driver

In a significant shift, IT's role is moving towards business value orientation and innovation, says an AD Little report

Have you looked closely at the portfolio of IT initiatives in your company lately? If so, you might have found an interesting change in topics happening. Theres a significant shift in the role of IT, moving towards business value orientation and innovation for quite some time now. IT is no longer only in a pure enabler function but feels a pull to be the driving force in business innovation.

The CIO / CTO responsibilities cross the old borders and interfaces towards the business. There are numerous examples, e.g. IT managers being responsible for the companies portfolio management process are no longer an exception but seem to become best practice.

At the same time old responsibilities remain: Management of the complex legacy architectures and assets, meeting improved requirements towards security and the new innovation role are pulling into opposite directions budget-, resource- and competence-wise. Those IT organizations being able to balance these dimensions in one portfolio will be able to generate a real competitive advantage.

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