Healthy Snacking? Why Not!

We all need to snack off and on, especially when travelling. Here are some tips to help you do it the healthy way

Healthy diet is based on seven basic food groups to provide a balanced meal. These food are cereals, milk and milk products, meat, legumes and grams, green leafy and other vegetables, fruits, fats and oil. A balance diet should constitute 55 to 60% calories from carbohydrates, 20-25% calories from proteins and 15- 20% of total calories should come from fats. Along with that, one must add a lot of fibre in a diet by consuming fruits and raw vegetables which provide all essential minerals and vitamins.

A balanced diet is as important when you on the move, as it is when you are at home. While moving out, one can have a veg sandwich, idly or curd rice platter, kulcha with channa , steamed momos, steamed corn, roasted nachos/namkeens, roasted/grilled/steamed fish or chicken with packed lassi or juice. Opt for coconut water instead of nibbling on burger with a coke, bhatura, samosas, butter or fried chicken/ fish, chat, spring roll or pizzas. Avoid fried foods as they are loaded with grease and calories.

Always carry a fresh fruit in your bag like an apple, a crisp pear, guava or an orange. Nuts, dried fruit, and raisins are also good choices for on the go snacks, they provide quick energy and are easy to carry.

We all need to snack from time to time. In fact, its a good idea to eat two healthy snacks in addition to your three main meals. This doesnt mean that you can stop by the snack machine and grab a bag of chips, a samosa or roll, patty. Choose a healthy snack like fruits and, butter milk, dhokla, idly, bhel- puri, some whole-wheat crackers, or some trail mix.

Its not good to eat out daily as restaurant food is rich, in terms of calories and saturated fat which can lead to obesity, diabetic mellitus and cardio vascular disease.

If you have any healthy eating goals you should try to apply them while eating out. Look at the menu, and dont be shy about making special requests for a dish to be prepared with low-fat ingredients.

Here are some healthy eating tips:

Break fast is a must.
Have small frequent meals
Eat a bowl of salad / fruits, when eating out
Stay away from added sugars
Drink plenty of water through the day
Include fibre in your meals
Use a small plate while eating
Dont share your plate
Dont eat in front of TV

Jyoti Arora is Team Leader- Nutrition & Dietitcs at Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon.

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