More mobiles than people? Yes, in 2012

Dr Mike Short from IET to reveal stats like this and talk about shared innovation, connectivity and more

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), one of the worlds largest professional societies, will be holding its annual Pinkerton lecture for the second time in India on November 21, 2011.

The lecture will be delivered by Dr. Mike Short, President of IET and Vice President - Public Affairs, Telefonica Europe, at the Infosys Convention Centre, Electronics City, Bengaluru. Narayana Murthy, Founder-Chairman of Infosys Technologies Limited will be the Chief Guest.

The IET focuses on different streams of engineering and organises lectures by prominent personalities from across the world. Dr. Mike Short, who is also the President of the IET, will talk about challenges in innovation to reaching the vision of Internet for All. Dr. Short will explore the benefits of shared innovation, connectivity, internet access and new applications associated with peoples education, transport, and health needs.

According to Dr. Short, We are all innovators now in a digital world, thanks to the marriage between the two great innovation platforms of the last 20 years: Internet and mobile. This combination will drive digital innovation everywhere as these technologies become ever more pervasive and useful to all people.

Dr Short will also share his insights on some startling trends in the world of telecommunications, including the fact that there will be more phones than people by the end of 2012. How will internet be made accessible to all in such a scenario? What are some challenges that could arise from lack of local content and applications?

The IET Pinkerton Lecture will be held at Infosys campus on 21st November 2011. The event is free to attend. Those interested can register on this page -

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