Are Sonys new Android Tablets better than iPad?

With the launch of the Android Tablets, Sony seeks to once again dominate the consumer electronics space.

Sony Android Tablets have made their debut in the market. The S and P models are the first such devices from the Japanese electronics giant. The S model features a tapered design and a 9.4 screen, while the P model is a folding, clamshell device with two smaller screens.

According to Sony both the Tablets are packed with all the best available features from the Android world. They offer fast web browsing and PlayStation games. The company also claims that the devices offer features that are currently not available in the market-leader, the iPad.

The Sony Chief Executive, Howard Stringer, said that even though the products had arrived far later than any of its rivals, it would take the tablet world to a new level. In an apparent jibe at the iPad, he added, prove that its not who makes it first that counts, but who makes it better.

However, analysts are of the opinion that the naming of the two tablets as S and P showcases some serious lack of imagination on part of Sony. The price points are also too high. S will be $499 and $599 in 16GB and 32GB versions in September and the P will be available at a price to be announced later this year.

Weighing 598g the S model will go on sale in mid-September, while the 372g P will be available from November. Both include USB and SD card slots. Both tablets will have front and rear cameras and WiFi connectivity and 3G mobile Internet, as well as 4G where it is available.

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