ChatON: Samsungs instant messaging tool

With such technologies like a new instant messaging tool, Samsung could attract many more users.

In its bid to take on competitors like Apple and the BlackBerry maker RIM, Samsung plans to launch a mobile instant messaging tool.

ChatON is the name of the new service, which will become available from October. The service will come preinstalled in Samsung's feature phones as well as smartphones running on its own Bada operating system and Google's Android software.

With Samsung also entering the already crowded mobile messaging market, the revenue related fears of the telecom operators are going to be further aggravated. Many telecom players have been expressing the opinion that such services by handset makers will hit revenue from profitable text messaging services.

Apple has already announced that it plans to roll out iMessage, which will enable millions of iPhone and iPad users to send messages to one another over the Internet at no extra cost. RIM is planning to leverage the popularity of its BlackBerry Messenger with a new music service.

ChatON, Samsungs messaging tool, will work across all major smartphone platforms including iPhone and BlackBerry and will allow users to send text, images, and hand-written notes, as well as chat in groups and share video clips.

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