Apple plans cheaper iPhone 4 for emerging markets

If the price is right, Apple can easily capture a larger slice of smartphone market in third world countries.

According to sources, Apple suppliers in Asia have started manufacturing a 8GB flash drive version of the highly popular iPhone 4. This device will cost much less than the 16 GB and 32 GB versions that are currently retailing in the market. The 8GB flash drive that will be used in the new iPhone 4 model is being sourced from a Korean company but the name of the company is not known.

Apple is known to demand high level of secrecy and security from its suppliers and employees, and hence the companies involved in the making of the new device have declined to comment. The present iPhone 4 had been launched in June 2010 and it has been a phenomenal success in western countries. However, sales in third world countries like India have been muted because of the high price of the device.

The new iPhone 4 is expected to retail at around $200. Most analysts believe that it will be hard for Apple to push the price of an 8 GB iPhone 4 below $200. Many analysts have decided to call the device iPhone 4S because of its identical physical appearance to the existing iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4 is expected to hit the market in the month of September.

By the end of September or in the early weeks of October, the iPhone 5 is slated for launch. According to sources, iPhone 5s two manufacturers have been told to prepare for a production capacity of up to 45 million units. Apple is increasingly looking at Asian countries to increase its revenues.

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