15-year-old girl gets bionic fingers

With systems developed by modern technology many people with disabilities can lead normal lives.

In Europe a 15-year-old girl, Chloe Holmes, has been fitted with bionic fingers in a 38,000 operation. Chloe was three years old when she lost all the fingers on her left hand due to blood poisoning. Then a chicken pox infection left her with septicaemia and she was left with just a thumb and half a finger in her right hand.

Life was hard during the childhood, as she had to struggle to perform many everyday tasks. For years she suffered bullying from other children.

But now many of her problems seem to be over, as her parents have forked out 38,000 for a full set of bionic left digits, which are controlled by electronic signals from the nerve endings in her hand. Chloe is delighted, she said, The best thing is that now I can hold things.

She is also eager to go back to school so that her friends can see her new hand. However, she still has a lot of practise to do for learning the right way of using the bionic fingers. She is now learning basic tasks such as cleaning her teeth and using a knife and fork for the first time.

Touch Bionics in Scotland has made the bionic fingers that she has been fitted with.

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