Nokia CEO cautions Android phone makers

The question to ask is why shouldnt the Android phone makers take the advice from Nokia CEO with a pinch of salt?

Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop is of the opinion that handset makers who were using Google Inc's Android software ought to start worrying about the Web search leader's deal to buy Motorola Mobility.

Elops Nokia stands out in the telecom field because of its decision of aligning with Googles archrival Microsoft. Excepting Apple, most of the large players in the telecom field, makers such as Samsung Electronics and HTC Corp have placed large bets on Android.

However, Googles decision to buy Motorola for $12.5 billion has generated some analyst concern about whether Motorola will start getting preferential treatment over rivals Samsung and HTC. Stephen Elop is of the opinion that such concerns are completely justified.

At a Helsinki seminar, he said, If I happened to be someone who was an Android manufacturer or an operator, or anyone with a stake in that environment, I would be picking up my phone and calling certain executives at Google and say I see signs of danger ahead.

Elop also suggested that Googles move to snap up Motorola Mobility has reinforced the logic behind Nokias agreement with Microsoft. He said, The very first reaction I had was very clearly the importance of the third ecosystem and the importance of the partnership that we announced on February 11, it is more clear than ever before.

Elop has revealed that since entering into an agreement with Microsoft in February, this year, 25,000 to 30,000 applications had been developed for the upcoming platform. Before becoming the CEO at Nokia last year, Elop had served as the president of Microsoft's Business Division.

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