iPhone gamers are homing into Tiny Towers

Move aside Angry Birds because iPhone users prefer to get their adrenalin rush from Tiny Towers.

For gamers on iPhone, Tiny Towers is the new craze. In this game, the main challenge is to build soaring skyscrapers, floor by floor. Eventually you are able to build entire virtual communities, with apartment complexes, restaurants, stores and even nightclubs.

The game is the brainchild of a pair of 28-year-old twin brothers, David and Ian Marsh. They are running a company called NimbleBit, which is based in San Diego and specialises in creating pocket-sized games. Since 2008, when NimbleBit first began its operations, they have released more than a dozen titles. Some of their creations, like Pocket Frogs, Hanoi and now Tiny Towers have started enjoying huge popularity on iPhone.

So far Tiny Towers is their biggest hit. According to NimbleBit, each day, Tiny Tower is opened six million times by those who have it on their phone. The average player plays it for 1.5 hours a day, or the equivalent of 150 years each day. Tiny Tower can be downloaded for free, but if you want to add some extra functionalities to the game, like the ability to construct new floors faster, install speedier elevators and the like, then you have to pay.

For many players, one of the main attractions of the game lies in the glimpse that it offers into the lives of those who occupy the virtual buildings and communities, the Bitizens. It is possible for you to read their status updates on a Facebook-like social network called BitBook. You can check out, what they like and what they dont about living in the building that you have created. It is also possible to adjust the jobs and the living conditions of the Bitizens.

The game has a social angle too, as it is possible for players to discover other Bitizens who are playing and peek into their towers and communities.

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