Why DevOps Is Becoming Increasingly Recognised by Businesses

A study finds clear business benefits and increasing use of DevOps for rapid software development and deployment

Over 77 percent of the respondents of the study, commissioned by Rackspace, said they were familiar with term DevOps, with 55 percent having already implemented DevOps practices. A further 31 percent said they were planning to implement it by the end of 2017.

Over half of the companies with a DevOps programme reported seeing an increase in customer conversion and satisfaction (52 percent) as well as an improvement in customer engagement (43 percent).  Strikingly, over a third (38 percent) also experienced an increase in sales, says the study.

On the technology side, of those that have deployed a DevOps programme, over half (57 percent) experienced faster delivery of new features, while 46 percent had a more stable operating environment. Increased innovation was also a benefit for 43 percent while 32 percent have reduced their IT costs.

Despite the clear benefits of DevOps to speed up the process of application development, deployment and operations management, many businesses still need to address the cultural change DevOps introduces.

Organisational drivers for DevOps
In the majority of the cases where DevOps had already been implemented, the Operations team was the primary driving force behind the change (43 percent).  

Chief Information Officers were also key facilitators, with 25 percent having driven the adoption of DevOps within their organisations.

Outsource and automate
The primary DevOps practice implemented by survey respondents was to fully integrate development and operations teams (49 percent).  Successful DevOps teams also aligned DevOps goals with business goals (47 percent).  

70 percent of organisations currently using DevOps also said that they are working with third parties to outsource DevOps automation services with nearly two thirds (59 percent) citing the fact that it is more cost effective for them to do so.

Future Implementations
For the 31 percent of the organisations which were planning to introduce DevOps, all had scheduled implementation to take place by the end of 2017.  Contrary to those who have already implemented, their key priority will be to align DevOps goals with business goals (53 percent).

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