GoTo Launches, New Mobile Device Management Solution for GoTo Resolve

GoTo Resolve MDM ensures strict compliance and streamlines the management of iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows OS devices, regardless of location.

GoTo, the company making IT management, support, and business communication easy with flagship products GoTo Resolve and Rescue, announced its new mobile device management (MDM) solution for GoTo Resolve today. GoTo Resolve MDM enables IT teams to easily secure, set up, and manage all devices – company-owned and personal – including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, all from a single pane of glass. The new MDM capabilities further fortify GoTo’s commitment to being a one-stop shop for businesses' IT management and support needs. 

Frost & Sullivan research revealed that 80% of business leaders feel mobile devices are essential for employees to do their jobs. Yet, as hybrid work has become the world’s dominant business model, and the number of employees using multiple devices – many unsecured – continues to grow, proactive MDM software is becoming necessary to ensure the security and control of potentially vulnerable endpoints.

The new GoTo Resolve MDM delivers on the need for businesses to ensure the security, compliance, and encryption of company data on various devices employees use worldwide. As an add-on to GoTo Resolve’s core remote monitoring and management (RMM) offering or as a standalone solution, GoTo Resolve MDM includes all the features needed to modernize IT toolsets, such as:

Support all major operating systems: No device type is left behind with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows OS coverage.

Enforce data protection: Lockdown sensitive company data with various security settings, including disk encryption and mandatory strong passcodes, track and wipe devices remotely, and more.

Simplify control and configurations: Reduce the burden on IT teams by easily pushing device configurations, restrictions, updates, and applications via mass-deployment policies or individual installations. 

Deliver real-time analytics: Keep a pulse on endpoints with insights on device hardware and software, and monitor devices from any location. 

Automate device setup: Easily enroll new devices remotely with pre-configured settings and applications to automatically comply with company policies out of the box.

“With GoTo Resolve’s new MDM solution, we can now offer businesses all the features they need for effective management of company-owned and BYOD devices in a user-friendly interface, so IT teams can better control and secure devices and data, automate tasks, and provide remote maintenance from anywhere. This solution, coupled with Resolve’s existing support for Windows and Mac endpoints, provides IT administrators with a truly heterogenous device management experience,” said Damon Covey, Senior Vice President, Head of Product at GoTo. “GoTo's acquisition of Miradore delivered a key asset for GoTo Resolve, and with today’s launch, we've seamlessly integrated the product into our proven IT management and support solution.”

Commenting on GoTo’s IT service management portfolio, GoTo’s India customer, Madhusudhan Gopisetty, the Infra Head at Rupeeseed Technology Ventures Pvt. Ltd said, “At Rupeeseed, we are committed to empowering our customers with digitally agile solutions that help them achieve business goals efficiently and effectively. A careful selection process led us to a great partnership with GoTo. GoTo Resolve enables us with its unmatched administration and reporting capabilities, simplified and easy-to-use interface, and robust security network. With GoTo Resolve, we are able to offer flexible and responsive service to our hybrid workforce and in the process, drive unparalleled value for our customers."

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