Tableau launches new subscription offerings

This will help organizations to scale analytics to their entire workforce

Tableau launches new subscription offerings - CIO&Leader

Tableau Software has launched new offerings, Tableau Creator, Explorer and Viewer, which combine new and current analytical capabilities into packages, tailor-made for everyone in the organization, notwithstanding the skill level. This is a new way for organizations to buy and scale Tableau’s best-in-class analytics platform. Moreover, organizations now can cost-effectively achieve a key objective: Enabling the data-driven enterprise by putting the data in the hands of everyone.

The new subscriptions provide tailored combinations of sophisticated analytics and drop-dead simplicity. This allows every customer to create the appropriate mix of analytics capabilities to meet the specific needs of their entire organization. The new price offerings cover a wide breadth of powerful capabilities, from consuming data and performing ad-hoc analysis to curated data sources to preparing and developing advanced analysis. Customers can choose to work on-premises or in the cloud.

Customers can also choose to migrate their current Tableau Server and Desktop installations to the new subscription offerings. Once migrated, administrators will be able to assign a specific option, i.e. Creator, Explorer or Viewer to each user in their organization, completing the transition process.

“With the unprecedented and accelerating growth of data that customers are experiencing, the need to see and understand data is more important than ever before. Professional analysts, teachers, doctors, project managers, marketers, sellers, developers, factory line workers, recruiters – everyone needs data to make better decisions. Organizations are facing the urgent need to empower their entire workforce to help drive more revenue, reduce costs, provide better service, increase productivity, discover the next scientific breakthrough and even save lives,” said Adam Selipsky, CEO at Tableau. “Our new offerings will help entire organizations make analytics ubiquitous, enabling them to tailor the capabilities required for every employee.”

High-Value Offerings for Everyone

Tableau’s new tailored offerings are designed to deliver more value than ever before, leading with Tableau Creator, which gives full analytics capabilities to analysts and power users. For organizations looking to scale analytics, Tableau Explorer allows self-service analysis of governed data, and Tableau Viewer enables casual users to consume dashboards and visualizations created by others. Tableau’s new offerings, available on-premises, in the public cloud or via SaaS, and make it easy to start and to scale. Combined, these offerings provide a complete end-to-end platform with no hidden costs.

Tableau Creator

Tableau Creator provides the full power of the Tableau platform. It helps people uncover insights faster by combining a suite of products for visual and direct data prep, powerful analytics on the web and desktop, and secure collaboration to support their end-to-end analytics workflow. It includes Tableau Desktop, and, at no additional extra charge, Tableau Prep, a new data preparation product designed to help customers get their data ready for analysis. It also includes a license for Tableau Server or Tableau Online, allowing people to publish and share their work.

Tableau Explorer

Tableau Explorer is perfect for governed self-service analytics. It enables people to create new dashboards based on governed data sources, collaborate with others, and stay on top of data with subscriptions and alerting. This offering enables people to explore trusted data, create their own tailored content, share and collaborate with data, and stay on top of key data points with data driven alerts, all within the convenience of their web browsers.

Tableau Viewer

Tableau Viewer makes it possible for organizations to extend the value of data and analytics across their entire workforce in a very cost-effective manner. It helps people within scaled deployments make data driven decisions based on trusted content by interacting with dashboards and visualizations created by others in a secure, easy-to-use platform. Customers will be able to view and filter dashboards, receive and manage subscriptions to dashboards, and receive data driven alerts, all via mobile and/or the web.

From the choice of SaaS, on-premises, public cloud or hybrid solutions, to enabling the individual analyst as well as the largest enterprise deployments, to a range of subscription choices, Tableau provides organizations the flexibility to buy what they need, when they need it. Likewise, Tableau’s new tailored offerings allow people to leverage the power of analytics in a way that is flexible, easy to ramp up, and simple to scale. Entire organizations now have the flexibility to license the role appropriate to the capabilities each person needs at a price that makes sense for them.  This reduces the upfront investment and makes it easier than ever to scale best-in-class business intelligence across the organization.

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