Software-defined storage is a key driver for datacenter transformation: Dell EMC

Niladri Saha, General Manager, Modern Infrastructure Team, India, Dell EMC on the importance of software-defined storage

Software-defined storage is a key driver for datacenter transformation: Dell EMC - CIO&Leader


How do you see the Indian enterprises dealing with the over load of data especially in sectors, such as BFSI, E-Com, Teleco, Retail?

With businesses from all over the globe undergoing digital transformation, the world is witnessing a sudden surge in data. Due to this data boom, as per IDC, India’s external storage market has recorded a significant growth of 13.8% year on year. However, a majority of Indian enterprises are following the traditional methods of storing data, popularly known as legacy storage systems. This is largely why they aren’t fully prepared to adequately utilize this data explosion. This growth is because of the increasing number of people going digital, the large number of companies doing business online, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

With this increase in data and firms still following traditional methods of storing data, it is essential for them to move onto modern data systems that don’t just store data but also analyse it. Increasingly, companies are now putting their data up in the cloud because of the realization that they need to analyze the data they are storing- which cloud assists in.

Indian enterprises are moving towards more modern datacenters. An increase in demand for real-time solutions keeping consumer demands in perspective, datacenters of today are required to do much more than just ‘store’ data. Indian enterprises across sectors, post realising the need to move to modern datacenters, are moving to software-defined storage systems as it is a key driver for transformation of datacenters.

Tell us about the importance of software-defined storage in Dell EMC’s digital enterprise strategy.

With more people becoming digital friendly and new concepts such as Internet of Things (IoT) emerging as a global phenomenon, the sudden surge in data generation has forced businesses from all over the world to refurbish their IT infrastructure as well as re-imagine their business strategies. IT transformation has to include how data is managed; thus the approach to storage.

The relationship of businesses’ with data is changing and Dell EMC provides holistic solutions which helps them to simplify the storage processes, deliver on-demand business needs and customizations according to different needs by various enterprises.


What is your advice to CIOs on building an agile, scalable and secure data management strategy?

Organisations in the past, have relied upon the manual workforce/processes which were effective but involved cost and time implications. With the rising consumer demands, data is bound to grow exponentially, making it impossible for businesses to provide real-time solutions with manual workforce/processes. CIOs need to understand the importance of moving to software-defined storage in order to be able to store their data effectively.

In addition, CIOs need to remember and realise that automation of processes will widen the room for innovation.


What is Dell EMC’s roadmap in India?

In the USD 350-billion software storage market, Dell EMC’s market share was around 43% in the first quarter in 2017. For the first quarter, Dell EMC’s enterprise business has witnessed a 26% year-on-year growth while the combined growth (enterprise and consumer) stands at about 16% year-on-year. For servers, which are USD 800-900 billion market, the company’s market share is close to 31%. Dell EMC is positioned second in the Indian storage market. In the personal computers market also, it is at number two position.

At Dell EMC, we will continue to cater to the transformation needs of the consumers and ensure that their progress is unhindered and enhanced digitally in a cost-effective and secure manner.

Our strategy will continue to focus on three pillars:

  •  IT Transformation
  • Workforce Transformation
  • Security Transformation

We will provide essential and customisable infrastructure for enterprises and organizations and continue to commit to help enterprises, SMBs and government to realise the digital dream.

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