Census 2011: Only two states in India have more women than men

UP and Bihar, followed by Maharashtra top in having more men than women

Only Kerala and Puducherry have more women than men

Only two states, Kerala and Puducherry have more women than men. Kerala has 13.5 lakh  more women than men and Puducherry has 22,931 more women than men. All other states and union territories in the country have more men than women.

Lakshadweep is just on the otehr side of the fence with 1773 less women than men! Mizoram has 13 thousand more men than women. On the extreme (more men than women) are Uttar Pradesh with 91 Lakhs more men than women, followed by Bihar with 44 Lakh more men and Maharashtra with 41 lakhs more men.

India as a whole has 3.5 crore more men than women!




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