“Good part is that 3D printed devices are cost effective”

Brief note on Usage of 3D Printiners at AIIMS by Deepak Agarwal, Chairman Computerisation, AIIMS

What do you use 3D printer in
AIIMS for?

At the Sandford Bio Research centre, we basically print devices that are useful in the healthcare sector. Good part is that these devices are cost effective and cheaper than their market price. There are products like injections or injector type of a prototype. It is of great help as from designing to prototyping fabrication is needed and 3D printer help doing that.


What all challenges do you
face currently?

These printers are expensive and their footprint or you may say the size is small and that creates  an obstacle,  also imaging by 3d printing is not  useful as designs are on the computer therefore  printing can turn to be counter productive , we are however interested in having 3d applications on hardware size


Has digitization reduced the overall volume of printing?

No. People thought digitization would make things paper free, the amount of printing we do has increased. Maybe it will become static but I don’t see them going down. 

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