Women in IT

According to the 2018 Grant Thornton report on gender diversity titled 'Women in business: beyond policy to progress", those countries in which businesses have the most policies around equal pay,...
Mar 12, 2018
Many years ago when cloud deployments were at their peak, during an interview, an Indian woman CIO was talking about how tough it was for her to say goodbye to legacy hardware and deploy a hybrid...
Mar 07, 2018
8th March is International Women's Day. And on this niche platform, we can only go so far as to explore why there are still so few women in enterprise IT. Through our brief research last year with...
Mar 07, 2018
In the late 19th century, it was the suffragettes, members of the women’s organizations in the United Kingdom or The Women’s Indian Association (WIA), who fought for the right of women to vote....
Mar 01, 2017
In the month of January, we decided to begin our research on the cover story that will tackle the critical question: Why are there so few women in enterprise IT. In the past, a lot of research has...
Feb 07, 2017