Virtual Storage With Virtual SAN: New Tier of Storage

Virtual SAN introduces a new high performance storage tier optimized for virtual environments that is simple, resilient and efficient and reduces the total cost of ownership.

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Brief of the webinar: The VMware software-defined storage strategy focuses on a set of VMware initiatives regarding local storage, shared storage, and storage and data services. Software-defined storage is designed to provide storage services and service-level agreement (SLA) automation through a software layer on the host that integrates with and abstracts the underlying hardware. Virtual SAN is a new software-defined storage solution that is fully integrated with vSphere. Virtual SAN aggregates locally attached disks in a vSphere cluster to create a storage solution that can be rapidly provisioned from VMware vCenterTM during virtual machine provisioning operations.

Speaker: Vivekanand Biradar, Sr. Technical Consultant, VMware

Learn from this webinar:

· What's this 'New Tier of Storage'

· How does it integrate with vSphere Functions

· How does it simplify provisioning and management

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