Future BlackBerry phones could run Android apps

In order to attract new users, RIM is likely to offer Android compatibility on all future devices.

One big problem with BlackBerry devices is the paucity of apps. But that problem will get addressed to a large extent if apps designed for Android platform can run on these devices. This sort of a system would reduce the pressure on BlackBerry for coming up with more and more apps for its phones.

It is being believed such compatibility could be in place when RIM launches its new series of BlackBerry mobile phones, which will be based on the new operating system, QNX. These phones are due in early 2012. RIM has already confirmed that QNX based tablets will be able to run Android apps. However, the company has not confirmed that the QNX phones will have similar compatibility.

When BlackBerry had launched its PlayBook Tablet, earlier this year, there had been rumours that RIM was working on a project to make the Tablet compatible with Androids array of more than 250,000 apps. The RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis had confirmed this news.

Software solutions for making Android apps compatible with other platforms are already available. Earlier this year, at the time of the Mobile World Congress, software maker Myriad had demonstrated its Alien Dalvik software, which makes the Android apps run on other platforms.

In fact, there have already been numerous reports of Android apps being used on existing BlackBerry devices. In February, the App ShopSavvy had said on its blog that according to its logs someone in Waterloo, Ontario (where RIM is based) has been running ShopSavvy for Android on various BlackBerry devices. According to ShopSavvy, the 8300, 8600 and 8520 were recorded running ShopSavvy this year.

There is a chance that compatibility with Android apps could boost the sales of BlackBerry phones.

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