These are the areas with maximum career growth opportunity, say CIOs

Top Indian CIOs identify tech areas that offer the best career growth option for junior IT executives working in user companies

Analytics and security are the areas within enterprise IT that will provide best career growth option to younger IT exectutives, reveal a quick CIO research conducted by CIO&Leader in the weekend. While cloud came up as a distant but clear third, many new areas such as IoT, AI, robotics, blockchain, machine learbing etc were also named by some of the CIOs. A couple of CIOs rejected the idea that one needs to choose an area, suggesting instead they need focus and support. 


This is what CIO&Leader asked 


Answers came thick and fast. While Analytics and security stole the show, it is interesting to note that few thought enterprise applications or infrastructure, that was considered  core IT in enterprises till yesterday, provide much scope for growth. Though it shows a paradigm shift, it is not surprising.  


Here is a selection of some tweets. We have excluded a few tweets which were not by CIOs, or which were the same as those carried. They are presented here in the order in which they were posted. Some of the CIOs who responded belong to top companies in India, including Essar Group, Tata Motors, NDTV, Shalimar Paints, Pidilite Industries and the like.  


Vikas Arora, VP Global Security and IT, Toluna


Sayed Peerzade. Group CIO at Reliance Big Entertainment & Reliance Entertainment - Digita


Sabyasachi Thakur, CIO, Century Plywoods


Chandresh Dedhia, IT Leader - Information Technology & Information Security - Fermenta Biotech Ltd , DIL Ltd & ThaneOne IT Park
Aneesh Nair. CIO, NDTV E-commerce


Anwer Bagdadi, VP (Tech & Operations), Intertech Software


Nilesh Sangoi, CIO, Meru Cab Company


Kamal Karnatak, Group CIO , RJ Corp


Ashok Jade, CIO, Shalimar Paints


Anjani Kumar, CIO, Safexpress


Avinash Velhal, Group CIO, IMEA, Atos International


Jagdish Belwal, CIO, Tata Motors


Keyur Desai, VP, IT, Essar


N Jayantha Prabhu. CIO, Essar Group


Pankaj Bhargava, CIO, Pidilite Industries 


Suresh Kumar, Partner & CIO, Grant Thornton




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I would give my preference to security & analysis

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