SafeTrends 2.0 for SMBs

By sanjay.gupta

Added 24th January 2012

It uses data reduction techniques such as a sliding window data deduplication and data compression


American Megatrends India, which is a focused player in the embedded, storage and telematics solutions space and a wholly owned subsidiary of American Megatrends Inc., USA, has announced the launch of SafeTrends 2.0.

In a press release, the company claims SafeTrends 2.0 to be a breakthrough Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software suite for Windows environments that offers complete protection of valuable digital media. SafeTrends 2.0 is targeted as a data backup solution for SMBs and SOHOs running Windows-based desktops and laptops.

SafeTrends 2.0 employs a variety of innovations to back up and restore important data, by continually monitoring changes in selected files, and backing them up on one or more selected locations (local machine, local area network, corporate intranet, Internet/cloud).

With both local and remote backup options, SafeTrends 2.0 provides users the flexibility to choose what data they want to save, and the time and storage location for the same. One can also specify how many versions of a specific file or folder need to be saved. Consequently, SafeTrends 2.0 features the events log to review the activity and fine-tune the performance of a particular project.

A highlight is that SafeTrends 2.0 includes powerful data reduction techniques such as a sliding window data deduplication and data compression to ensure that backup capacities are optimized. While doing backup over a network, data is encrypted to ensure safe and quick transmission. Subscribers to cloud storage services such as Amazon S3 can connect to cloud accounts and use these data stores as a designated location for SafeTrends 2.0 backup.

This version of SafeTrends features the key technology of open file backup. Certain files such as MS Outlook mail box stores (*.pst) and SQL Server databases (*.mdf/*.ldf) are always kept open by their respective applications and cannot be backed up using traditional mechanisms until the applications are stopped. SafeTrends 2.0 leverages the power of Microsoft Virtual Shadow Copy (VSS) technology to schedule and create backups for open files such as emails and databases which hold vast amounts of business-critical data.

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