Business Octane intros collaboration solutions

By shubhendu.parth

Added 20th January 2010

The solutions will help enterprises conduct effective video meetings, audio teleconferences and local meetings

New Delhi: Business Octane has launched new collaboration solutions for enterprises.

According to the company statement, the Enterprise Collaboration Maximizer Solutions consists of advanced collaboration suites and customised collaboration solutions, whichwill help enterprises conduct highly effective video meetings, audio teleconferences and local meetings.

Sanjay Bansal, Chairman of the Board & Managing Director, Business Octane, said, "Business Octane's Enterprise Collaboration Maximizer Solutions will substantially improve the way collaboration is happening across enterprises and create priceless additional time for all decision makers in the enterprise".

"Our collaboration solutions are not one size fit all solutions as offered by the competition, but are enterprise-class and are available in 20 different room layouts, 50 variants for offering a perfect customized solution for every single meeting happening in a large and medium enterprise throughout their offices," he added

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