Watchguard claims to give enterprise-class protection to small biz

By sanjay.gupta

Added 2nd March 2012

Its two new UTM appliances, XTM 25 & 26, come with HTTPS inspection, VoIP support and options for app control

WatchGuard Technologies has added to its SMB and branch office offerings with two new unified threat management (UTM) appliances the WatchGuard XTM 25 and XTM 26.

Meant for small businesses, wireless hotspots and branch offices, XTM 25 and 26 feature HTTPS inspection, VoIP support, and options for application control and all other WatchGuard security services (WebBlocker, spamBlocker, Gateway Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention Service, Reputation Enabled Defense, and LiveSecurity Service).

"Small businesses need more from their firewall today than ever before," said Tim Helming, Director of Product Management at WatchGuard Technologies. "The new WatchGuard XTM 25 and 26 UTM appliances give small businesses enterprise-class protection and advanced business productivity features that are typically seen in appliances that cost thousands of dollars more."

Despite small form factor and diminutive price tag, the WatchGuard XTM 25 and XTM 26 are ready to run the latest security features and advanced networking technologies available today, claims a company release. Features include:

* Defense-in-depth protection Identity-based firewalling plus WatchGuard's unique proxy technology provides full protection against the most sophisticated attacks;
* Integrated VPN Whether it is used to create secure virtual private network (VPN) tunnels for Apple iPad, iPhone and other iOS-based devices, or used to enable secure remote connectivity for mobile employees, VPN set up is effortless and easy;
* Application Control Both WatchGuard XTM 25 and 26 appliances support next-generation firewall functionality via Application Control. This allows businesses to utilize web 2.0 apps, while keeping employees focused on work rather than playing social media-based games;
* Malware and Hacker Prevention Armed with the latest in intrusion prevention, spam-blocking and gateway anti-virus, the WatchGuard XTM 25 and 26 appliances keep malware, spyware, viruses, worms and hackers out of small business networks;
* Cloud-based Protection Keeping small business networks running fast and efficient, both WatchGuard XTM 25 and 26 models can use WatchGuard's Reputation Enabled Defense service, which is a cloud-based IP and URL reputation solution that stops threats in the cloud before they ever hit the network edge;
* Fast and Flexible Networking Models include five 1GbE ports for faster link speeds, and wireless models have dual-band 802.11/n technologies for greater wireless speed and responsiveness;
* Advanced Management and Reporting Real-time monitoring, secure logging and more than 65 report templates give businesses insight as to what is going in and out of their network and by whom.

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