Top 10 ICT trends for 2012

By sanjay.gupta

Added 9th December 2011

Enterprise social networking, new biz models arising from device glut and growing PaaS among top predictions from F&S

It is the season of crystal gazing and, arguably, no other industry is more enamoured of predicting top trends for the year ahead than IT.

The latest string of prognostications come from the Information and Communications Technology Research division of Frost & Sullivan (F&S).

According to F&S, the year 2012 would be a "momentous year" for the ICT industry globally and in the Asia Pacific region. Many trends that we saw getting traction in the last couple of years have crossed the chasm and would be a mainstream feature of the ICT industry moving forward, says a release issued by the firm.

Here are the top 10 trends that F&S thinks will drive the 2012 ICT industry:

1. Mobile Platforms would hit critical mass in the Asia Pacific region across tablets and smartphones.
2. Platform play across the ICT sector would be the critical value generator and more telcos would like to take a position in the same.
3. While consumer social networking would continue to gain momentum, we will see real use cases in the business environment driven by enterprise social networking.
4. Fixed Broadband will make a comeback as the promised speeds and availability begin to be more ubiquitous in many countries.
5. Internet of Things (IOT) will further accelerate as more and more devices, equipment and gadgets etc. get connected creating opportunities for value creation and new business models .
6. Big Data and Analytics will see reaching the chasm in 2012 and get deployed through variety of platforms and be enabled by emerging technologies.
7. Cloud computing is set to become mainstream in the Asia Pacific region. Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is set to be the new battleground in the cloud computing industry as PaaS vendors seek to attract developers to their platforms .
8. Telco transformation will evolve as more and more telcos come under revenue growth pressure even across the emerging markets. Choice of play in the market would be a decision that can no longer be postponed.
9. Enterprise communications would become richer, more collaborative and increasingly move towards the cloud.
10. ICT as an enabler will continue to gain momentum as telcos, SIs, ISVs etc. move beyond pure ICT industry to drive growth, value and margins in the future.

While the vendors probably have their strategies chalked out for the year, it's now up to you, the IT leaders, where you want to put your bets. Of course, there'll be more options to choose from as the year draws to a close! Stay tuned.

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